Benefits of Performing HVAC Maintenance during Spring Season

Having your heating and air conditioning working properly when you need them most is something that should not be taken for granted. Even if small issues arise, you may find yourself stuck with uncomfortable temperatures. Fortunately, HVAC Maintenance Spring can of big help toward preventing small the problems that may occur, and the changing seasons can remind you to take care of business on a regular basis.


When spring time season comes around, use the change of season as your cue to have your HVAC serviced. Take care of things before summer ends, and you can eliminate the stress that comes with trying to handle it at the last minute. For HVAC Maintenance Spring, professional inspections are a great idea that will save you a lot of cash on energy costs, but there are also some things you can take care of on your own.


Change or clean your air filters, clean your outdoor unit (including fins and coils), trim any vegetation or debris that may be cluttering the area, and test the thermostat to make sure everything is in working shape.

Cleaning and Testing


One of the most common problems that you’ll find is dust and debris. Dust and other contaminants can do a number on your ventilation and airflow, which causes poor circulation and hinders the cooling and heating of your home. The buildup of dust and debris can also age your unit prematurely, causing the need for new belts or wearing down other parts. Duct cleaning is the best way to handle this problem, and it should be performed every year or two. Scheduling annual or biannual duct cleaning is always a good idea, and in addition to this, you could also look into testing your system and having it sealed. If your unit is over ten years old, testing is an excellent idea. HVAC units can’t last forever, and older units are prone to problems.


Preventative Maintenance


Having your heating and cooling system regularly serviced is a great way to avoid future problems. You probably already know that your air filters should be changed monthly, but do you know how often the system should be fully serviced? You should have the air conditioner serviced before spring season. This spring service ensures that your AC can handle the upcoming summer. The degree of service will vary depending on your system’s condition and age, but it’ll often involve changing out old parts, checking drains, and cleaning coils. Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid unexpected problems, and it can also help avoid big bills or replacements in the future. Tune-ups and cleaning can be more helpful than you might think.

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